How do we guarantee the
sustainability of our projects?

For us, the sustainability of our projects does not lie exclusively in the construction of quality infrastructure or a long useful life; rather, we focus on building local capacities to ensure that our staff and the beneficiary communities have the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to lead their own development processes.

We faithfully believe that the center of any project is the beneficiaries, who from the beginning have demonstrated the motivation and interest to fight for their drinking water and sanitation projects, or to earn a scholarship in our technical school. But in order to give them the right support, we must have trained and experienced personnel, but above all they must have the PASSION and LOVE to contribute to the social development of their country.

We could summarize that we guarantee the sustainability of our projects through the following activities:

At community level

We work with communities that are motivated and make financial and in-kind contributions.

We do not take projects to the communities, we wait for the communities to come to us.

Beneficiaries are involved in all phases of the project, from inception to monitoring and evaluation.

Local capacity building is key for community members to take care of their systems in the long term.

At institutional level

Specialized technical team, which moves to live in the community during the execution of the project.

Cost-efficient design software, adapted to the conditions of rural areas.

We build quality infrastructure with a long-term useful life.

We maintain fluid communication with the communities once the project is completed.

“In every drop of water there is a life story.”

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