Main components

Access to Potable Water

We specialize in gravity water distribution systems. We have our own design software that is cost-efficient and adapted to the realities of rural communities.

Access to Sanitation

We provide technical assistance for the community to build their own excreta disposal systems. We encourage the use of sustainable and long-lasting technologies.

Technical education

We are committed to the creation of professionals from rural areas to help strengthen the water and sanitation sector, in addition to providing employment opportunities.

Strategic action

Capacity building and empowerment of community members and local leaders.

We have focused on capacity building and empowerment of community members, especially their leaders, in order to ensure the sustainability of our projects, so that communities lead their own processes of change and sustainable development projects.

Complementary axes

Our Impact

59,567 Beneficiaries

105 Projects completed

23 Municipalities impacted

Si hay magia en el mundo, esta contenida en el agua

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