Partnership for the goals

Partnership for the goals

Aligned with the 2030 agenda, we have decided to work with Sustainable Development Goal No. 17, to make long-term alliances with national and international actors, which will allow us to have greater technical collaboration in knowledge and resources to achieve our goals with greater impact.




To have a greater impact, we are actively involved in several national and international networks in the water and sanitation sector.

We were elected as First Members of the Executive Committee of the Water and Sanitation Network of Nicaragua (RASNIC), this is a representative network that functions as a platform to support the modernization and strengthening of the water and sanitation sector; facilitating and promoting knowledge management, informed debate, exchange of experiences, knowledge, dissemination of technologies among its members and allies that contributes to improving the quality of life of the Nicaraguan population, especially in rural areas, through permanent and quality access of the population to water and sanitation services

We are part of the Steering Committee of the Global Water Partnership (GWP), an international network of organizations involved in water resources management, which facilitates processes towards consensus building and integration of efforts.

We are members of the Methodological Subcommittee, the Knowledge Management Subcommittee and the Integrated Water Resource Management Subcommittee of the Interinstitutional and Sectoral Commission for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (COMISASH), which is an articulation between public and private actors, academia and community organizations that join efforts to strengthen this sector in Nicaragua.


We are also members of the Latin American Rural Water and Sanitation Coalitionl (COALSAR), which is made up of leaders of Civil Society Organizations associated on a voluntary basis to work for the well-being of community water and sanitation services in Latin America.

We are members of the Executive Committee of the National Network of Watershed Organizations (RENOC), which contributes to the protection, conservation and restoration of the country’s watersheds through advocacy in public policies and mechanisms that generate the participation and integration of the population.

We are affiliated with the NICARAGUA NONPROFIT NETWORK (NNN), which is a network equipped with a variety of technologies, provides greater visibility of the individual and collective efforts of all community development organizations working in the country of Nicaragua.


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At the local level, we supported the formation of the Municipal Network of Drinking Water and Sanitation Committees (CAPS) of Río Blanco, the municipality where the organization’s operational office is located. This group brings together more than 35 CAPS that meet periodically to strengthen their capacities, through thematic workshops and exchanges of experience, and thus support each other in facing the technical, social and environmental challenges they face to ensure the sustainability of their systems.

“A drop of water, a simple drop of water, is enough to harbor hope for life.”

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