Other complementary axes

Other complementary axes

Health and Hygiene

Drinking water and sanitation projects cannot exist without this component. In addition to working with the FECSA promoters, we also try to guarantee health and hygiene, strengthening the capacities of teachers, students, members of the health centers and the majority of the population.

Actions to support the Integral Management of Water Resources

In order to guarantee the protection of water sources and the sustainability of our projects, an action plan has been created to create groups of Environmental Promoters to support the care of the communities’ natural resources, especially water resources.

Volunteer and internship programs

We are confident that the involvement of young people and professionals, through volunteering, will allow us to strengthen many of our areas of work and give the opportunity to others to be part of the change. We also provide the opportunity for young people to undertake paid internships.

“There is no life without water”

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