Design Software

Design Software 

We have created our own design software, cost-efficient and adapted to the realities of the country’s rural communities, and it is worth noting that they are free to access.

In 2015, these innovative programs were recognized internationally, when we won the Water and Sanitation Award for Latin America and the Caribbean in its VII Edition, granted by the IDB and FEMSA.

Through our co-founder Gilles Corcos and his partner, Logilab, developed three programs:

Air in Pipes, by Gilles Corcos (available in English and Spanish

This manual is intended as a supplement to the manuals on the construction of rural gravity flow water systems. It focuses on the problems and opportunities associated with the almost inevitable presence of air in the main from the water source to the distribution tank. The manual contains new material that the author has collected both in the field and in the laboratory that fits into a relatively simple theoretical framework.

We have also developed an Excel spreadsheet that implements the design method described in Air in Pipes. The spreadsheet allows input of the topography between the water source and the tank and proposes a design based on the minimum and maximum flow rate of the water source. The spreadsheet has text in English and Spanish.

2nd edition English (PDF 600Kb)

 2da edición en Español (PDF 400Kb)

Aire en tuberias  (version 6.0 zip)

Aire en tuberias (version 6.1) 64-bit


Neatwork is a collaboration between APLV and Jean-Philippe Vial and his team at the University of Geneva (Switzerland). It has resulted in a powerful computer program for designing distribution networks for rural drinking water systems. Unlike systems in the U.S. or Europe that use pumps, large pipes, or expensive valves for pressure regulation, our designs have to operate by gravity alone.

This program enables designers to achieve reliable function, while continuing to minimize construction cost. This tool is unique in many ways and should help many other groups of water developers. APLV is very grateful to the University of Geneva for its financial support of Neatwork. More information is on the Neatwork Page


A program which allows you to design pipe bridges for spans up to 150 meters or more in a few minutes.


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